Ingeniero en Software

Software developer experienced in HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, TypeScript, JavaScript, Oracle, and SQL Server databases

I have a diverse background in various creative fields such as design, photography, and writing. My experiences have shaped my unique perspective and allow me to bring a fresh and innovative approach to every project.



Passionate and Experienced

Since 2010


Since 2012


Since 2015

Acerca de mí

As a software engineer with a solid background in web development and platforms like Azure and KNIME, my passion lies in crafting efficient, high-quality solutions. Throughout my professional journey, I've had the privilege of working on diverse projects where I could apply my skills to design and develop robust, scalable systems. My focus revolves around understanding client needs and translating them into innovative technological solutions that enhance their efficiency and productivity. I'm committed to excellence in every aspect of my work, from analysis and design to implementation and maintenance. My aim is to continue growing professionally and contribute to the success of the projects I'm involved in.